Need for a Personal Chef?

A few years ago after I left the professional restaurant industry, I had started cooking privately for small parties and a couple different clients, weekly. It is something I really enjoyed as it was really left open to my creativity. The clients that I had were aware of my background and training within the culinary industry, and enjoyed fresh, good quality, seasonal food. I haven’t cooked professionally in the last four years due to focusing on running my gym but, do it more as a hobby. Cooking professionally is something that I sincerely miss and something that I am coming back to.¬†Given my background in nutrition and sports nutrition certification through the ISSN, I will also include that end of it for the client with specific health, fitness and body composition goals. Nutrition, at the most basic level is about numbers. Fitting food to those numbers from raw ingredients can be a challenge and/or very confusing for the inexperienced, or, just too much work for some busier people who are trying to improve their health and fitness.

The main reason I left the restaurant industry as a professional cook was to focus more on combining my knowledge of the culinary arts with the science of nutrition and fitness. I wanted to help people. However, I wanted to stay involved with food, and stay in touch with the craft I had taken so much time to learn and had originally fell in love with.

Many people think eating healthy is boring or unappetizing. It doesn’t have to be. You can eat pasta, bread, cake, etc. You just have to know how to moderate it. You need to be sure that your portion size fits your needs. There’s no need begin a crazy diet that you ultimately are only going to do until you reach your goal, before going back to what you enjoy. Eat what you want, what you enjoy, but, be accountable for it. Use moderation and know your portion sizes.

What’s my goal with all of this? To cook fresh, good quality, seasonal food using local and sustainable ingredients that fit the nutritional needs and goals of the individual client. Over the past couple years, various services have popped up that prepare and deliver ready-to-eat meals that do have a nutritional focus, they’re main market; the fitness industry and most especially, CrossFit. However, I keep hearing the same comments from the consumers of these products; “They’re okay…” I think that’s the general consensus for mass produced, frozen, ready to eat meals. I am targeting the same market; those that value health and fitness AND good food that can be tailored to their specific nutritional and dietary needs to improve their body composition.

For those of you reading this in the MA/RI area interested in this service or who know someone who may benefit from this, please share this! I am only looking to take on one or two clients at this point. If you have questions or need some more information, please email:

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” –Auguste Escoffier