Seasonal Winter Ingredients

Winter in New England can tend to get very long and just seem to drag on and on. The food scene may seem uninteresting to many, but there truly is quite a bit still available. Below is a non-comprehensive list of items that are seasonal to winter, and something that I had used in professional kitchens for assistance in writing seasonal menus. Note that many of these are also available in the fall as well, and some will even overlap into spring.

Beans, black/ pinto     Beets       Broccoli     Brussels Sprouts     Buckwheat     Cabbages, red, green,

savoy     Celery Root, celeriac    Chestnuts     Chicories; escarole, frisee, endive     Cod    Daikon Radish

Fennel     Horseradish     Collard Greens      Mustard Greens     Meyer Lemons    Kale       Kohlrabi  

Leeks      Lentils        Mache      Monkfish       Nuts/ nut oils      Oranges      Grapefruit     Citrus

Parsnips        Passion Fruit      Persimmons       Potatoes      Rabbit       Radicchio      Rutabega      

Salsify       Sunchokes     Winter Squash Star Fruit       Black Truffles       Turnips


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