Seasonal Fall Ingredients

An elaboration off of a previous article regarding cooking with the Fall season, this post is to cover foods/ ingredients that are in season during this time of year. There are quite a few items, probably too many to list, so I will just focus on the more common items of the season and the ones that really signify; Fall in New England.

Apples            Arugula         Broccoli Rabe       Beets        Brussel Sprouts           Cauliflower       Cabbage    Chard

Celery Root    (Most) Wild mushrooms    Cranberries       Chestnuts     Chicories (Frisee)   Eggplant    Fennel    Figs

Grapes       Garlic        Game Meats      Horseradish/ Radishes      Kale     Kohlrabi       Leeks       Parsnips      Pears    

Persimmons      Peppers        Pumpkins      Rutabega/ Turnips      Radicchio   Winter Squash (Butternut, Acorn, etc.)

It’s important to know that seasonal ingredients will tend to overlap because many of them have more than just the one growing season and may have a second crop. Some have longer seasons than others. Most supermarkets will carry a lot of the above listed ingredients year round, but, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in season. Your best bet to remembering what is in season is going to your local farmer’s markets/ farm stands and supporting the small, local farmers.


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