Getting in touch with your food

Cooking is probably one of the most therapeutic ways to get healthy. Learning how and what to cook can be the best way to focus on good nutrition. When I had thought of starting this blog, I was prompted by having been asked a few times by different people on how to cook certain types of meat, what to do with certain vegetables, etc. It also became evident to me that if I am to talk about nutrition with some people in terms of what their optimal, calculated, percentage of macro-nutrients should be, they don’t fully understand the practical application through actually making the food. This, of course, is a very individual measurement because my diet at 235lbs (BW) while following a relatively intense Olympic weightlifting program would be very different than that of someone weighing 135lbs who trains for marathons. Sure, there are a lot of different websites and blogs focusing on the Paleo diet but, this also turns some people off. I have really nothing against Paleo, or any specific diet really. However, when it comes to performance and/or specific health and fitness goals though, the Paleo Diet may not be the best choice.

I agree that the goal of anyone trying to get/stay healthy should be to stay away from most processed foods. However, I don’t think that “demonizing” any specific food/ food group is healthy either. When I was in Italy, the Chef I interned under at ( told me that by the time I left, I will know how to make bread and pasta (among other things)! I followed the Paleo approach for a couple years. I was a twig, and not at all strong. In old pictures of me, I looked like skeletor. I weighed in at a mere 210lbs and for someone 6’3″, that looks pretty skinny. At the time I had just started CrossFit, and over time, really started to notice the effects of a hypo-caloric diet.

Making and serving good food is one of the most satisfying things for me. When it comes to consuming it, you may find that you don’t eat as much or don’t necessarily want to for some reason. Maybe it’s that you feel like you just created art and you don’t want to see it destroyed, who knows…

To make the best quality food that tastes good, it should be fresh, locally raised, sustainable, and most of all; seasonal. It should be everyone’s goal to learn to cook with the seasons for best results. How to best combine, seasonal proteins, carbs, and vegetables to make a dish that not only tastes good, but provides you with your nutritional needs to support your lifestyle and activity level (fitness goals). I am going to start working on a guide to seasonal complimentary flavors and ingredients as it pertains to cooking that will support health and fitness goals.


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